Release It

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In 2020, Just Another created their first limited edition time release print series featuring a range of digital and traditional artists to contribute an artwork to highlight themselves and their style. Finally, Release It is back in 2023, with a fresh batch of talent on show. This carefully curated exhibition aims to showcase a range of Australian based artists in various styles – making it even easier to collect affordable, accessible works and support Australia’s vast creative talent pool.

For only 48 hours, 48 artworks by 48 Australian artists will be live to purchase online! The release is extremely limited, and there’s no second chances if you miss out so you had better be setting your alarms and getting that pay-pal at the ready now! All Artwork is live on our site, as soon as the timer stops, you’ll have 48 hours to grab prints from artists you’ve been dying to collect, or discover someone completely new to add to your collection.