Hari Hari Print


Artist: Hari Hari 

Title: Between the Cracks 

Bio:  Hari is a painter/ muralist based in Karuna land (South Australia) Specialising in monochrome paintings , illustrations and installations. His work focuses on observing relationships within and between the natural and built environments. Using organic and hard edges shapes Hari weaves together a predictable chaos of flow to create his signature and recognisable style.

Artwork Statement:Between The Cracks is a series of installation works by artist Hari Koutlakis which consider the connection between art and nature’s resilience of growth in hostile environments. The Installation is part of the Nature Festival and will run from the 9th – 15th of October.

Observed through the way certain plants can thrive in seemingly inhospitable conditions: in urban landscapes dominated by cold concrete and unyielding infrastructure, in cracks in the pavement, in gaps between bricks and on tiny geological shelves on a cliff to build a home.

These plants find a way to break through the cracks and crevices, surviving against all odds. This tenacity and determination resonate strongly with the spirit of artists who often find themselves facing adverse circumstances in their pursuit of creativity.

In the bustling cityscapes, artists, much like these resilient plants, navigate through a myriad of challenges. The competitive art world, financial constraints, societal expectations, and the constant struggle for recognition can create a hostile environment for creativity to flourish. However, like nature’s green shoots breaking between cracks of concrete, artists find their own paths to grow and express their visions. The installation of these works plays with the idea flipping the narrative of “plants where they shouldn’t be” to “paintings where they shouldn’t be.”

Year Created: 2023 

Photo: Rosina Possingham

A4 21cm x 29.7cm
A3 29.7 cm x 42cm
A2 42cm x 59.4cm

All prints are sold unframed. Each size is limited to 50 prints.

Paper Stock: Ilford 310gsm Galerie Smooth Cotton Rag (Fine art/giclee) 100% cotton rag, Archival, very smooth finish, water resistant, high colour consistency and gamut, heavy weight. Manufactured in United Kingdom.

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