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About Us

Just Another Agency is an independent, community-minded event management and artist representation agency. Established in 2010, we are dedicated to the development and presentation of contemporary, urban, and new media art. Producing site-specific community-based work featuring innovative projects by professional, emerging and local artists; our work brings people together, creating points of reflection through art in public spaces. The Agency has accumulated a wealth of experience in its 14 years of operation across Australia, and a broad wheelhouse of networks and expertise in the curation, planning, management, and execution of large scale projects.

Our special skill is pairing the perfect artist to the project, ensuring that the process itself is enriching and the outcome is satisfying for all. With clients including the National Gallery of Victoria, local councils, Can’t Do Tomorrow Festival and more, we collaborate with like minded creatives and clients to target placemaking, community identity, council strategy, tourism, and capacity building and we are firm believers in the holistic involvement of community as the foundation of better outcomes.


We’ll pair the perfect creatives to transform your interior or exterior wall – no matter how big or small.


We’re all about building memorable art, music, and cultural events from the ground up – with your vision at the centre.


Make a lasting statement with engaging installations, events, and activations that reflect the culture of your community.


We value collaboration with community & councils who share our vision to support the balance in creativity, connection, and policy.


We’ve got all the right  tools to transform your space and brand to be as unique, exciting, and individual as you are.


As part of the urban & contemporary art space for over 15 years, we bring unique perspectives and experience to every project.


Go behind the scenes to witness a masterpiece come to life as our talented artists work their magic live across multiple art forms.


Everyone can become a part of the action with fully immersive and interactive art experiences, tailored to any client or brief.

Our Vision

Street art has a longevity in its impermanence – it is both a catalyst for change and reflection of society; what’s evolving, what’s developing and what are we learning from our social, cultural, economic, and urban landscapes. 

Our mission is to rewrite the future of creative interaction, and forefront the ‘new-normal’ in how and why people should expect to interact with public art. Our goal is to reward active participation in the arts with social inclusion and interpersonal connection. We aspire to give the people what they want; experiences that feel authentic and inspire new possibilities. 

We aim to promote the longevity of the current creative audience by inviting new members and adapting to outcomes that specifically align with evolving values. We see ourselves embedded in a future of cultural gain, where art continuously flourishes and inspires new generations.

Mission Statement

The creative industries are in an era of growth where we can take the opportunity to reestablish a new-normal; made by the people, for the people, as a collective who invests in art through time, money, and passion. These are the people upon whose values, interests, and commentary public art is built and continues to grow. Street art has always been a subversion of culture, a subversion of space, and a subversion of expectation. Every project we create with the hope of becoming a milestone moment for a new model of participation – established by and for the audiences who most invest and are most impacted by it. 

Just Another is investing in a creative public legacy which aims to highlight the intersection between art and technology, expanding creative horizons, and stewarding access to the ever changing landscape of our cities, streets, and neighbourhoods. We have ongoing and growing relationships with artists, an ear to the ground for the most cutting edge interesting works, and a focused campaign on community engagement. 

Rather than one singular art form or style, our focus is on activation and innovation – unlocking new experiences and connections to the work that can only come from participation. We advocate for self-driven engagement; to acknowledge and respect the changing cultural landscape, to showcase diversity and innovation, and in doing so produce something that has never been seen before.

Statement of Reconciliation

Just Another Agency confirms its ongoing commitment to Reconciliation. We are strongly committed to improving the cultural, spiritual and family wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Victoria and to building strong, safe, resilient and stable communities.

We recognise Aboriginal people as the first Australians with unique cultures, languages and spiritual relationships to the land and seas and the inherent rights, laws, customs, religions and traditions of Aboriginal peoples.

We commit to continuing to work with Aboriginal Australians to achieve ‘A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and provides justice and equity for all’.

Just Another acknowledges the mistreatment of those who were Stolen Generations for their pain, suffering and hurt, and that of their descendants and their families left behind. At Just Another we believe Reconciliation is everyone’s responsibility and means that all staff, artists, contractors, clients, and communities work together to deliver inclusive and sustainable outcomes.

Accessibility Statement

At Just Another, we firmly believe that accessibility equals inclusivity. All are welcome, and all are equal. Our objective is to extend the accessibility of the creative industry bespoke ways; by considering print, digital, attendance, and face to face access needs. Our agency acknowledges and respects the range of backgrounds and individual experiences within our audience and we stand by the statement that art is for everyone. Through the conceptualisation and delivery of our projects big and small, we endeavor to understand, advocate, and accommodate for the full spectrum of accessibility needs, including everything from carers, physically disabled or Deaf communities, to invisible disadvantages like economic and social isolation, marginalised communities, and neurological restrictions. Without access, there can be no activation.


Our Clients