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About Us

From conception to execution, Just Another take​s your vision and turn​s it into a visual masterpiece. From street art brand activations to mainstream gallery exhibitions, we have a connection to the art world that will give your event an edge.
No two clients are alike, and we take pride in ensuring that brand​s a​re represented in the most accurate, yet, creative way. W​e have a wide roster of artists who have expertise in street art, illustration, typography, digital design, storyboarding, and animation, while our staff are experts in ​production, project management​, art direction and curation.
W​ith extensive experience in ​creating and running large scale ​public art installations,​ street art festivals, immersive activations​exhibitions along with a track record of successful mentorship programs.​ 
We create work that you won’t just be proud of, but inspired by.

We’ll transform your space and branding identity to be as unique as you.


We’ll pair the perfect artist to transform your wall, no matter how big or small.


When we work with councils and community groups, we know how to balance creativity + policy.


Watch a masterpiece come to life at your event as our artist creates a unique mural, canvas or sculpture live.


We build art, music and cultural events from the ground up with your brand at the centre.


We’ve been involved in the contemporary art space for over 15 years, we bring this unique perspective to every project.


Our team building days are anything but corporate. We supply everything so you can unleash your creativity.


We’ll create an engaging installation that reflects the culture of your community.

Statement of Reconciliation

Just Another Agency confirms its ongoing commitment to Reconciliation. We are strongly committed to improving the cultural, spiritual and family wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Victoria and to building strong, safe, resilient and stable communities.

We recognise Aboriginal people as the first Australians with unique cultures, languages and spiritual relationships to the land and seas and the inherent rights, laws, customs, religions and traditions of Aboriginal peoples.

We commit to continuing to work with Aboriginal Australians to achieve:

‘A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and provides justice and equity for all’.

Just Another acknowledges of the mistreatment of those who were Stolen Generations for their pain, suffering and hurt, and that of their descendants and their families left behind. At Just Another we believe Reconciliation is everyone’s responsibility and means that all staff, artists, contractors, Aboriginal customers, and communities work together to deliver inclusive and sustainable outcomes.


Our Clients