Negative Space

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Karl Lagerfeld, Gerard Way, Stephen Hawking, Anish Kapoor, Wednesday Addams. What do they all have in common? They love the colour black. They appreciate it for its vastness and its depth, and they admire its endless possibilities. Scientifically, black is considered the absence of light. In fashion, the little black dress is a wardrobe staple. For many Millennials on myspace in the early 2000s, (and basically anyone who knows who Gerard Way is); Black is a way of life.

It’s been a pleasure putting on a range of online exhibitions since 2020, showcasing the incredible talent Australia has on offer and our next show, ‘Negative Space’ is no different.
We’ve chosen over 30 inspiring Artists to create something out of jet-black nothingness. Like Yin and Yang, the artists will only be able to use black, white, and shades of grey to create their pieces.

Their brief is intentionally vague, to see just how far they will be able to push their imagination. These awesome illustrators will use negative space to draw out the positive space, using all different styles of illustration, painting, and paper construction; proving that sometimes, when you stare into the void, the void stares back.