‘Brutalist Melbourne’ by HWJ

Medium: Acrylic on black, Keaykolour Original Parchment 250gsm

Bio: Stemming from an interest in indigenous cultures as well as his own Māori heritage, HWJ’s work is strongly influenced by these forms of mark making, patterns and traditional artwork. As a result, it is often referred to as abstract symbolism or hieroglyphics. With a basis in geometry, HWJ creates a unique set of shape combinations to create his own visual language formed from bold brush strokes, minimalist colour themes and geometric layouts and designs.

Artist Statement: A continuation of a recent exploration, which incorporates multiple images inside my unique symbolism, this piece presents as mostly abstract. But upon closer inspection, the images of two iconic brutalist structures in Melbourne reveal themselves. One being the iconic Prahran hotel, with is cylindrical concrete facade, and the other, ‘The Bunker’, the heritage protected Footscray Hospital Psychiatric Ward. Using these two images, with one being the background, or negative space, and the one inside the symbol being the positive space, gives the piece a sense of organised chaos. Brutalist architecture, and architecture in general, also relies a lot on positive and negative space to create shape and form, which gives the piece it’s structure.

Size: 29.7cm (w) x 42cm (h) x 0.5 cm (d)

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Dimensions 29.7 × 1 × 42 cm