Chuck Mayfield


Title: Resurrection’ by Chuck Mayfield

Medium: Aerosol and acrylic on black, Keaykolour Original Parchment 250gsm

Bio: Coming from a family of artists, Chuck Mayfield has been practicing in creative fields from an early age. Influenced by the painting, illustration, sculpture, taxidermy, music, and performance of his parents and extended family. He has been painting and drawing his whole life. Chuck started painting graffiti art and murals at age 16 and has never stopped. He worked as a screen-printer, in the sign industry, and as a mural artist and project supervisor. He also ran a small clothing label called ‘Damage Crew’. Chuck has painted murals in New York, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Vietnam, Spain, Ireland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sunshine and Gold coasts, and continues to travel, painting walls and working on creative projects. He now lives in Melbourne and works as freelance artist, mostly painting murals, while also producing personal works in public, private spaces, for live performance and exhibitions.

Artist Statement: This piece depicts the cicada as a seed of new life. Newly hatched, the cicada falls from tree branches to burrow underground where it feeds on roots for up to seventeen years. This is a story arc which is not unlike the trials and tribulations of human life. In successes and failures we too fall from heights and regroup nourished by our roots before ascending to the world to take flight.

Size: 29.7cm (w) x 42cm (h) x 0.5 cm (d)

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Dimensions 29.7 × 1 × 42 cm