Cezary Stulgis


‘My Loyal Companion’ by Cezary Stulgis

Medium: White pencil and clear varnish on black, Keaykolour Original Parchment 250gsm

Bio: Born in Poland and currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Cezary Stulgis’ is a sculptor, painter and designer whose highly distinctive work fuses ‘next-level’ aesthetics with classical craftsmanship – a reflection of his artistic roots in the graffiti-street art movement of the mid- eighties and formal training as a sculptor and painter. Cezary’s unique style and interdisciplinary skill-set has earned him a reputation internationally as a creative and technically proficient professional artist. His versatility finds him equally at home working with architects on large urban landscape sculpture projects or in a studio with graphic designers. He has successfully completed numerous public art commissions in Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom and continues to exhibit extensively.

Artist Statement: My art practice addresses morality, human behavior, and power interplay between the
individual and the group within a societal framework. Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) proposed that ‘individual’ beliefs, values and behaviors in fact originate from an instinctual, and collective, ‘herd-mentality’. Nietzsche suggested that peer pressure intimidates individuals to think and behave in ways that minimise exclusion from the ‘herd’ Throughout my work, animals have acted as a metaphor for humans and their behavioral patterns. My practice explores the human condition of life and death, love and loss, political relations human pursuits such as wealth, security, leisure, food and

Size: 29.7cm (w) x 42cm (h) x 0.5 cm (d)

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Dimensions 29.7 × 1 × 42 cm