Dealer's Choice

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Just Another presents: ‘Dealer’s Choice’. 54 Australian artists celebrate 12 years of Just Another Agency.

Whether you’re a regular card shark, a go-fisher, or a soul-crushing Draw Four hoarder; this exhibition will have something for everyone. To celebrate 12 years of Just Another Agency we’re splitting the deck amongst 54 Australian artists we love, and letting them re-imagine, re-design, and re-shuffle the whole game.

For those who have been following Just Another from the start, this exhibition will be the perfect chance to revisit some of your old favourites, remember why you fell in love with them in the first place, and get excited to discover some of Australia’s best emerging talent to add to your collection.

Each artist has been given a larger-than-life playing card to use in their own creative way and end up with a suite new collector’s edition pack (pardon the pun!)