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Benjamin Coombs – Two of Diamonds


By: Benjamin Coombs

Medium: acrylic paint

Bio: Based in Melbourne, Australia, Benjamin draws upon a diverse range of interests and sub-cultures from both yesteryear & today- secondhand vintage items, typography & ghost signs acknowledged on daily commutes, tattoos, with a nod to naive still-life and folk art, all interwoven with the heartache of human existence. Many works take on a subliminal reflective theme upon completion based on Benjamin’s surrounds & personal life during the specific creation process – from grief, human interactions and lyrics listened too whilst painting all amalgamate towards the unique finished works. With distinct teaming of colour palettes and an eye for collating inspirations together, his work offers an almost conversational quality, whereby subtle elements can be appreciated upon further or ongoing glances. The aesthetic is considered yet loose, with blemishes / accidents often embraced. Benjamin likes his paintings to look like paintings.


Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20.2 × .1 cm