Sarah McCloskey – Nine of Hearts


By: Sarah McCloskey

Medium: coloured pencil on paper

Bio: Sarah McCloskey is a Western Australian visual artist currently based in Sydney. Working across multiple mediums, her work is primarily figurative and aims to explore our personal stories, memories and connection. Whilst many works draw on a specific narrative, others seek to blur the line between real and imagined, inviting curiosity and introspection from the viewer. Most recognisable are her striking portraits of women — portraying at once both vulnerability and strength whilst working to identify and display the many facets of ones inner and outer self. Another notable feature of Sarah’s work is the use of motifs from the natural world, in particular botanical elements, where she finds constant inspiration from their structure and form to their historical and symbolic meanings. In recent years, Sarah has shifted much of her energy from studio-based illustration to the creation of large scale public murals, but her focus on people and stories has remained. Sarah is currently continuing to explore these themes in her first collection of oil paintings, for exhibition in 2023.

Size: 20.2cm (w) x 28cm (h) x 0.1cm (d)

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