Dscreet – Eight of Diamonds


By: Dscreet

Medium: acrylics

Bio: Dscreet is an Australian Artist from a graffiti background. His work evolved into muralism and gallery installations; he now works with a mix of painting, sculpture, film and light installation.Dscreet is most well known for the “electrified owl” image which has appeared in galleries, books, films and streets all over the world. The owl is often informed by text and markmaking stemming from Dscreet’s obsession with symbolism and the evolution of language from cave paintings to emojis and binary code. Dscreet has exhibited at galleries in London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Melbourne amongst many others.

Size: 20.2cm (w) x 28cm (h) x 0.1cm (d)

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Dimensions 28 × 20.2 × .1 cm