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Carl Allison is a freelance videographer based in Melbourne. Specializing in web-based  promotional and event coverage, as well as digital cinematography for music videos, documentary, television commercials and short film.




Ironlak is Australia's First Aerosol Art Paint. More than just a brand of spraypaint, Ironlak was founded by a graffiti writer who wanted to offer Australian writers a quality brand of paint at an affordable price. It's been a bumpy ride but over the past 10 years Ironlak has gone from a pipedream, to a globally respected brand with paint now shipping all over the world.

As Ironlak is an independent brand, the major aim is to stay true to its roots and support the culture as much as possible. A part of this is done through The Ironlak Family, which an unstoppable force of 23 writers from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Masters at the craft, they represent Ironlak and aspire to keep pushing what's possible with spraypaint to whole new levels.



Nothing to Nobody is a digital magazine created especially for people with style, taste and intelligence. Like you! Inside you’ll find a wonderful collection of articles and imagery expertly mashed together to create a visual feast that is the equivalent of the most amazing chocolate sundae you have ever eaten! Content wise you are looking at a cavalcade of goodness created with a pinch of passion for everyone from lovers of vintage to keepers of kitsch, seekers of inspiration and hoarders of vintage, music and art tarts, not forgetting the clothing and accessories junkies of course. Not on paper inspirational goodness!



The Opening Hours is a communal blog / journal / rambling about what’s currently happening in Australia’s healthy and growing art / pop / sub-culture / street art / graffiti / what-ever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it. The aim is to bring the latest in Australia’s exhibitions, vandalism, creativeism, events, accidents and exploits to help you get through the work day.



Semi-Permanent is a world leading creative conference that to date has hosted 26 events in 8 cities covering 5 countries, with 164 speakers and over 42,000 attendees. It covers all disciplines of design, including graphic design, film, fine art, illustration, web design, interactive design, photography, visual effects, animation, graffiti, motion graphics, stop motion, architecture, and much more.

Semi-Permanent speaks directly to the individual. It is a forum that welcomes all people with a mind open to creative ideas and the wide world of design. Attendees include Creative Directors, Design Directors, designers, artists, photographers, digital creative's, company leaders, agency personnel, product and fashion designers and pretty much any one who operates as a creative.

Semi-Permanent was born from a desire to unite the world's design communities with a premium creative experience by creatives for creatives.



Signed & Numbered sells limited edition prints from emerging and established artists based in Australia and worldwide. Print mediums include, but are not limited to, screen prints, gocco prints, etchings, digital (including giclee and hand-embellished / hand-finished prints), wood block, letterpress and lino prints.



Three Sixty Project was birthed from the concept of ‘one for one’. The idea itself is quite simple – for every skateboard we sell we send one overseas (or within Australia) in support of Skate Programs developed to work with youth in that specific area.

Skateboarding is being used all over the world as a tool to engage with and empower youth – to interact with them on a level they know and love. A passion for riding and the lifestyle and culture of skateboarding today allows for a platform where youth and young adults can get off the streets, make friends, gain access to education and most importantly hang out with people that have a genuine interest for their well-being.