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The Asahi Breweries aims to satisfy its customers with the highest levels of quality and integrity,while contributing to the promotion of healthy living and the enrichment of society worldwide.

Our focus is to further cultivate our mainstay ASAHI SUPER DRY brand. In addition to ongoing campaigns to improve the quality of draft beer in restaurants and the freshness of products in stores, we will enact a variety of sales promotion measures throughout the year in the home-consumption market. With these continued advertising and sales floor programs, we hope to share knowledge of the delicious flavor and beverage value of ASAHI SUPER DRY with the public.

Boywolf is an apparel brand that was officially started in 2009 in the heart of NYC.  In 2011, Saul Attack (creator) took sole ownership of the brand and decided to move to Melbourne Australia. Although the brand had evolved much since the move to Australia, the ethos of the brand remains constant; to strive to stretch its creative roots through local growth.  The industry has become increasingly difficult over the years, yet we still manage to manufacture a portion of our apparel in Melbourne and Sydney, despite the diminishing infrastructure.  Supporting local business is at the core of our ethos.




Ironlak is Australia's First Aerosol Art Paint. More than just a brand of spraypaint, Ironlak was founded by a graffiti writer who wanted to offer Australian writers a quality brand of paint at an affordable price. It's been a bumpy ride but over the past 10 years Ironlak has gone from a pipedream, to a globally respected brand with paint now shipping all over the world.

As Ironlak is an independent brand, the major aim is to stay true to its roots and support the culture as much as possible. A part of this is done through The Ironlak Family, which an unstoppable force of 23 writers from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Masters at the craft, they represent Ironlak and aspire to keep pushing what's possible with spraypaint to whole new levels.



Just Another Project Space stands as a crucible of creativity. A cultural hub of expression, a melting pot of ideas realised. A venture founded in the hypothetical. Not just a gallery but rather a clubhouse without rules or restraints wherein concepts are materialised and unbridled creativity reigns supreme. Each artist granted this creative golden ticket upon a successful application process receives not only the space for a month but also the creative genius and unique perspective of the
Just Another team.

Say goodbye to platitudinous white walled galleries, stale crackers and stagnant art, and warmly welcome JAPS. An exhibition space dedicated to continuing an endless visual sampling that intersects all disciplines. Democratic, inclusive and accessible to anyone that exhibits the raw talent and exceptional visual prose befitting one of Melbourne’s most unique and sort after exhibition spaces.


Signed & Numbered sells limited edition prints from emerging and established artists based in Australia and worldwide. Print mediums include, but are not limited to, screen prints, gocco prints, etchings, digital (including giclee and hand-embellished / hand-finished prints), wood block, letterpress and lino prints.