Oli Ruskidd – Light of the Party


By: Oli Ruskidd

Medium: Airbrush and Gouache on matchbook.

Working as an interdisciplinary artist, Oli Ruskidd has refined a unique style that blurs the lines between his physical and digital practice. Exploring the relationship between organic elements and hypnotic patterns, Ruskidd captures a cosmic realm that exists beyond the minds eye. Fascinated with ancient creatures and mysterious glyphs, his work is often characterised with vibrant colours and free-flowing psychedelic form. Ruskidd has cultivated a language of movement and life within his practice, melding kinetic energy into his meticulously detailed works. By adapting a diverse range of techniques and media, he has developed an extensive catalogue of work featuring intricate airbrush paintings & large scale murals, to 3D modelling & game development. Best known for painting with Aerosols to create large scale public mural installations, he has worked with a variety of private and council commissions including City of Melbourne, JanSport, ABC studios and Crown Casino. Living and working in Melbourne, Oli Ruskidd is currently in residence at Redbox studios where he is experimenting with 3D printing and Virtual Reality.  

Size: 5cm x 4cm x 1cm (closed)
10cm x4cm x1cm (open)


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