Michael Black – Tres


By: Michael Black – Spaces and Places Series

Medium: Acrylic and spray paint

Michael Black is a Sydney based abstract artist, who creates original art, prints, murals, illustrations and private commissions for a local and international market.

In his work, Michael utilises expressive forms and techniques of mixed media to reveal an unfolding story within the work itself. He regularly sketches and takes mental notes of the world around him. Michael sees art as an avenue of expressing what he sees. He places a lot of emphasis on the viewer and experiments frequently with new textures, tones and colour. Michael’s work has a strong emphasis on symbols and their meaning. He frequently uses symbols to capture the environment or culture the artwork is in.

Size: 5cm x 4cm x 1cm (closed)
10cm x4cm x1cm (open)

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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 cm