Manda Lane Clock


Title: Midnight in the Anthropocene

By: Manda Lane

Medium: Handcut paper and vinyl emulsion

Bio: Manda Lane is a botanical illustrator, and paper artist, based in Collingwood, Victoria. With a keen focus on native florals, she uses art to explore the growth behaviours of nature within the urban context. Working predominantly in black and white she likes to create paintings, installations and illustrations to represent both the strength and fragile aspects of plants and the environment around them.

Artist Statement: As the doomsday clock approaches midnight, this artwork turns its attention to the behaviours of plantlife, in response to human-influenced environmental changes. Termed ecological migration, various plants respond differently to climate change, with some potentially migrating to higher or lower geographical locations in response to the changes to their environment. This hand-cut paper artwork features Astelia psychrocharis, which currently grows in Kosciuszko National Park, where research has occurred in exploring the potential migration of plants resulting from climate change

Ikea STOMMA 20cm wall clock. Polypropylene plastic (20% recycled)

Designer: Gustav Carlberg

Size: 20cm (diameter) x 4cm (depth)


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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 cm