HWJ Clock


Title: Orwell was right


Medium: Acrylic Paint and Aerosol

Bio: Exploring colour, form, and shape through the lens of symbolism, HWJ’s style has been described as a language of typographic abstraction. Stemming from an interest in indigenous cultures as well as his own Māori heritage, HWJ’s symbolism is influenced by traditional forms of mark making and pattern work. Expressing this through a wide range of subject matter and creative disciplines, his work encompasses geometric exploration, post typography, traditional and conceptual realism, and architectural structures.

Artist Statement: 14th April 2095, government authorities has been tasked with dismantling illegal camps outside the designated living zones, dissent will not be tolerated. Tipped off by their network, the occupants left early morning to avoid being prosecuted and ultimately, controlled by the state.

Ikea STOMMA 20cm wall clock. Polypropylene plastic (20% recycled)

Designer: Gustav Carlberg

Size: 20cm (diameter) x 4cm (depth)


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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 cm