Loretta Lizzio


Title: Floral

Medium: Acrylic and oil

Size: 8.5cm x 5.5cm

Having grown up on a quiet isolated farm in far North Queensland, Loretta, from a young age, used her imagination to create her escapes. She has always loved to explore nature and her affinity for the ocean and wildlife has helped to define Loretta’s signature style.

Through her obsessive line work, she captures a sensuous desire for freedom, adventure and love. Always striving to exceed her own creative boundaries, Loretta has completed a Diploma in Graphic Design and was awarded ‘Outstanding Student of the year’ along with ‘Creative Industries Student of the Year’ in 2012. Although it is obvious her developed style and true love is working with pen and pencil, Loretta is now exploring photography. These photographs are also being used as reference to draw from.


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