Bryan Itch


Title: If it aint broke

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 8.5cm x 5.5cm

Bryan is a Melbourne based Artist, Graffiti Writer, Animator & VJ working at the intersection of the Graffiti, Street & Visionary art movements since 1998. Currently working out of Everfresh Studios, Collingwood.

As a member of AWOL,  KOC  & Alpha crew’s his murals have evolved from an initial basis of  3D lettering & Character design to incorporate elements of abstract, op art & surrealism

His formative years were spent in Newcastle’s late nineties graffiti, breakcore & tattoo scenes before moving to Melbourne in 2004 with the allure of a bigger art community to engage with.

Over the course of the last decade he has been a featured live artist in a number of
festivals across America, Mongolia, Europe & Australasia,  as well as participating in group shows across Australia, Europe and the United States alongside well known practitioners of both the Visionary & Graffiti art worlds, such as Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Damon Soule, Daim, Luke Brown, Ron English, Sofles, Greg Simkins, Does, Meggs, Adnate, Android Jones & Amanda Sage.

Collaboration has been a strong focus of his output over the last decade, teaming up with many notable artists such as Adnate, Li Hill, Deams, Lucy Lucy, Slicer, Otis Chamberlain, Makatron, Sirum, Damon Soule, Bailer, Knock, Drewfunk, Kid Zoom, Nelio, Jason Jacenko, Stiff Ives, Morgan Mandala & Randall Roberts to create large scale works, canvases & live paintings.


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