Leadbeater Clock


Title: Hyper-Time

By: Leadbeater

Medium: Acrylic Paint

Bio: My work is driven by contrasts – identity and anonymity, sensitivity and brutality, spirit and form. I want it to reflect the immense power, vulnerability and mystery of being human – while retaining a playful naivety. When I’m creating I get lost in a ritual of the senses. I see flashes of shapes and colours, it’s like music is passing through me, the aromas of paint and incense hang in the air, I sip tea and I feel surfaces and materials collide as marks are made. I’m always trying to capture and share that energy. A work isn’t complete until someone else has seen it, and hopefully felt it. Although I have a reputation for polarising audiences with dangerous work, I’m not out to shock. I’m out to connect.

Ikea STOMMA 20cm wall clock. Polypropylene plastic (20% recycled)

Designer: Gustav Carlberg

Size: 20cm (diameter) x 4cm (depth)

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 cm