Treazy Print


Artist: Treaz

Title: ‘2020 Warrior

Year Created: 2020

Artist Statement:The 2020 energy has been a battle for the collective but the only way to truly win this battle is to stand strong as a warrior for peace and to always choose love over fear. . It’s this way that we raise our vibration and get the 2020 vision to see clearly the conditioning and programs of an old system that no longer serves us. Once we see this we can let it go and take flight to higher dimensions and possibilities of existence where we discover our infinite nature.

Artist Bio: Treazy the Co-Creator’s roots are connected deep into the underground, and like all trees, he is constantly growing towards the light and into a greater expression of creativity.

Graffiti has played a pinnacle role in his life as a great teacher, a motivation, and an inspiration. Through graffiti, he learned priceless life lessons about the values of freedom and the traps of a system that can easily take it away. These understandings sparked in him a sense of adventure that overcame limitations and obstacles, allowing him to travel and explore this planet, leaving a  colorful legacy as he forged lifelong friendships and memories. As his perspective changed, graffiti would also morph its meaning within in his life, until the defining moment when he became aware of the unconscious motivations of the ego.
It was at this point that the plant teacher ayahuasca called him deep into the Amazon jungle and set his path on a new trajectory–one that opened his mind to the multi-dimensional world of spirit. As his consciousness expanded, he realized his life purpose: To expand light in order to participate in the great awakening of humanity and Mother Earth!
From this point on, his thoughts, words, and actions were ignited by the passion of this purpose, and his painting took on a whole new meaning. The jungle had imprinted his vivid imagination with visions of a brighter future where all beings live in peace and harmony, interacting together in a cosmic civilisation. This message and energy is woven through out his artwork.
Treazy’s work could be described as an intergalactic color explosion designed to uplift and inspire people to explore their connection to nature, spirit, and the infinite divine creation we all live amongst. All of his murals are painted prayers calling in light and the Great Awakening.
With Ironlak and DTS supporting him for over two decades, Treazy feels that now his life, his energy, and his artwork are all in alignment–and that his real work is only just beginning. The possibilities are limitless as we expand into a greater version of the grandest vision of ourselves!

Sizes: A4 21cm x 29.7cm
A3 29.7 cm x 42cm
A2 42cm x 59.4cm

Printed at Milkbar Print on Bauhaus 230gsm Universal Art Paper (Fine art/giclee). Cotton/Alpha Cellulose, Archival, smooth finish, mid weight. Manufactured in Germany.

All prints are sold unframed.
1.2cm Embossed ‘Just Another Print’ in the bottom corner (will slightly vary per print)

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A2, A3, A4