Spiral Cosmos


Artist: Gonketa

Title: Spiral Cosmos  

Medium: Enamel Paint on 10oz primed duck canvas, in Raw Tasmanian Oak float frame. 

Bio: Born  profoundly Deaf, Gonketa’s first language is Auslan (Australian Sign Language),  and as such he uses his art to continuously explore the complexity of hands; from their shape and   forms, to their usage for communication in sign languages and commonly used hand gestures.

With heavy linework, vivid colour, and exaggerated expressions, Gonketa’s work explores the many nuances of expression that are fundamental within non-verbal communication. Gonketa’s practice is centred around his aim to promote self-determination for all members of the Deaf community.

Gonketa draws on his own lived experience and personal visual catalogue to develop a style that is as unique as it is exciting.

Artwork Statement: An endless spiral that extends outward instead of inward.
You know when you hear a sound, you can’t get it out of your head. Deaf people experience something similar, but in their imagination, almost like a GIF, it loops.

Dimensions: 150cm (w) x 200cm (h) x 0.4cm (d)

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 150 × 0.4 × 200 cm