Lee Stain – Oh Betty


By: Lee Stain

Medium: Acrylic and UV Sealant on matchbook.

Melbourne born and based, Lee Stain is an award-winning professional tattoo artist and illustrative painter.
Breaking boundaries in 2015 with a tattooed portrait of Richard Harris being accepted as a finalist art work and runner up in a traditional Award setting the R.H.I.F.F portrait competition in Limerick Ireland paving the way for a new medium to potentially gain access to awards and recognition it deserves in traditional art prizes. Stain has excelled since. With a focus on her creative practice, as the owner of Inktricate Tattoo and Fine art studio “I’m driven towards my future in art outside of and alongside tattooing, there is too much I have say and express and expose to deny the purpose of my passion any longer.”

With a passion for people and empathic nature, Stain focuses on breaking the social construction of exhibiting and making it about raw emotion and diversity with intent to celebrate all that impact us, creative freedom safely, boldly and genderless. Capturing the value and strength in the vulnerability of the world and stories felt and seen with the integrity and honour they deserve.

Size: 5cm x 4cm x 1cm (closed)
10cm x4cm x1cm (open)


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