Kaitlin Beckett – You’re Fired!


By: Kaitlin Beckett

Medium: Acrylic, gouache, watercolour and pastel on 3 matchbooks, framed

If vets need some kind of reassurance where their field is heading in the future they need look no further, Kaitlin Beckett is here! Intricate detail is threaded together using animals both alive and obviously dead to initiate what can only be described as prosthetics for the physically challenged. Not all her works concentrate on the aiding of disabled animals but these unique insights are phenomenal in their creation and any sci-fi featuring these junkyard fashioned beasts would be, quite frankly, astonishing.

Individual colour spectrums subtly highlight technical detailing building what Kaitlin describes as, ‘biomechanical juxtapositions.’ For fear of what incarnations she may splice our own body parts into we not only readily appreciate her remarkable work but also nod approvingly when she asks.

Size: 21.5cm x 16cm x 3cm

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Dimensions 21.5 × 16 × 3 cm