Just Another Book #2


You don’t know it yet but you are about to become part of the elite few. This book is your ticket into a secret society Skull and Bones style with one epic difference – we want you to tell everybody. Share the news, share the love, tell your friends.

If you don’t have any friends then sit back, have a read and revel in anticipation because you are about to meet the best friend you never had. Within these pages you will meet 32 extremely talented creators hand chosen to be your new posse.

Maybe you will meet the guy that will design your next tattoo, your newest art crush or at the very least the friend that will never stand you up for a coffee. As they say you are never really alone when you have a good book and thankfully you are just in time, this is the third publication to come from the cultural cornucopia that is Just Another and you’re not a minute too late.

We have been waiting.

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