09 Jan 2013

The Defectors

Just Another Artist Alex Lehours was just one of our artists pumping the work out at the end of twenty twelve. Creating this great mural that represented 1970s/80s Miami for a marketing Company called The Defectors on William St in Sydney.
"They have this cool rooftop area which they use for social events, everyday lunch, work drinks, parties and client meetings etc. They recently layed down this cool astroturf as well. I decided to go with cliche Miami. So including things like Al Pacino as Scarface, Cadillacs, girls, Art Deco Hotel, Flamingo and of course palm trees. The wall was already pink so I used white black and a teal to compliment it all." says Alex.

Along with Daniel Repeti they put together the teaser video below but stay tuned for the full video and pictures to come!

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