Kitty Horton

Brisbane | JOINED 04.07.2010



If a microscope could paint then perhaps he or she could use Kitty as their primary influence? Her minimalist approach dares to illustrate the underlying synapses of our modern world. Cell like, many of her compositions breed from the building blocks of our very being, usually drawing charcoal motifs over paintings, weathering the found wood turned canvas.

The semiotics on display truly ground the viewer to a position of raw reflection. For a real head spin check out her pieces before eyeballing the title of the piece, it truly exposes your unlearned recognition of all things historical in your career as a human. The primitive means of oil on plywood that many of her works are carried on draw you back to basics in order for the true message to be conveyed. You can bet that as Kitty pushes forward into the realm of Post Minimalist work she will be mentoring many budding microscopes to come…

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